Pro Logic/Aqua Plus Wired Remote Display/Keypad - PS4  (White)

Pro Logic/Aqua Plus Wired Remote Display/Keypad - PS4 (White)

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Product Description

All Pro Logics have electronic (salt) chlorinator capability built into the main control unit. Simply install the chlorinator option kit consisting of a cell, flow switch, and unions. Next, enable the chlorinator function in the "configuration menu" and set the desired chlorinator output level in the "settings menu" and the Pro Logic will be generating 100% of the chlorine requirements for pools up to 40,000 gallons.

  • Allows control of all Pro Logic or Aqua Plus system functions from inside the house. Up to 3 wired remotes can be installed on any Pro Logic or Aqua Plus system.
  • Use with Aqua Logic P-4, PS-4/8/16
  • Order model to match system type
  • Manual operation of all equipment
  • LED indicators indicate on/off status of all equipment
  • Complete programming of automatic functions
  • System Off buttons turns all equipment off with a single button press
  • Install up to 500 ft. away from Aqua Logic main control unit
  • Uses industry standard 4 conductor cable
  • 3 year limited warranty