Ultramax Cleaner With Remote

Ultramax Cleaner With Remote

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Product Description

The World's Most Powerful Pool Cleaner, the UltraMax is ultra in every way. Only a few years after Aqua Products, Inc. introduced the first robotic cleaner that could micro-filter a pool, it began to build the largest fleet of commercial cleaners, now up to ten (10) models. While the standard Aquamax is the industry standard, this is the Most Powerful automatic pool cleaner money can buy with twice the filtering power and Remote-Directional Control as well, great from quick clean-ups and spot cleaning.

The Ultra Series offers the widest line of commercial swimming pool cleaners on the market today. Thousands of these cleaners are hard at work every day around the world. Each Ultra series is designed especially for commercial pools like those found in schools and universities, YMCA's, Public Pools, and Waterparks.

Now you can clean a large commercial pool in about one hour with the most technologically advanced, easy to use pool vacuum available. Simply drop this lightweight, wide body cleaner into your pool, plug in the power supply and the microprocessor control will guide the UltraMax through its cleaning cycle or you may use the wireless remote control feature which is standard on all Ultramax models to spot clean your pool. UltraMax filters 10,000 gallons of water and covers 12,500 square feet per hour. Cord Length standard in 120 Ft length, optional 150ft length.