Solar Sun Ring - Palm

Solar Sun Ring - Palm

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Product Description

The Solar Sun Ring is a passive solar swimming pool heating device made from two sheets of heavyweight U.V. resistant vinyl. The upper clear layer holds insulating air and focuses sunlight on the blue colored lower layer. The blue layer absorbs about 50% of the sunlight and converts it to heat. The balance of the sunlight is allowed to pass through for deep water heating.

Size: 5 ft. or 60 inch (152 cm) diameter

Safety: No other floating solar cover matches Solar Sun Rings design for safety. The primary design criteria of the Solar Sun Ring was to prevent entrapment.

Durability: High quality ultra violet resistant vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) is used exclusively for durability that cannot be achieved by the inferior plastic used in bubble pack covers. Vinyl will normally outlast polyethylene 3 to 1. The vinyl used to manufacture Solar Sun Rings is not destroyed by pH fluctuation, higher than normal chlorine concentration or salt water systems. Furthermore, vinyl is easily repaired if punctured.

Solar Efficiency: By using the high quality polished vinyl for the top layer and a 50% density lightly frosted lower layer, Solar Sun Ring achieved a solar efficiency that greatly surpasses bubble pack covers. The milky translucent inferior plastic used in bubble pack covers reflects much of the sun’s energy and fails to allow adequate deep water heating. Solar Sun Rings design and materials allow greater solar efficiency with greater nighttime insulation due to greater captive air thickness. Solar Sun Rings were designed to safely heat swimming pools, not cushion packages. The effect is that Solar Sun Rings with 70% to 80% coverage outperform bubble pack covers with 100% coverage.

Mustard Algae: By blocking all direct sunlight, mustard algae will form within a very short time. The Solar Sun Ring with its increased solar efficiency is designed for continuous use without culturing a pool full of mustard algae.

Compatibility: The Solar Sun Ring is designed to be compatible with automatic pool cleaners. The many features that give Solar Sun Rings greater safety at the same allow them to be used with automatic pool cleaners. Solar Sun Rings are also compatible with solar panel systems giving a pool a double shot of the sun’s energy during the day and great nighttime insulation.

Placement and Removal: Solar Sun Rings were designed for easy placement and removal by one person. The magnets for conditioning the water are placed into the perimeter of each ring to facilitate rafting. The five foot diameter of each ring also allows for easy cleaning.

Aesthetics: Solar Sun Rings were designed to add festive colors to an otherwise drab device. The silk screen printing of the Solar Sun Rings is similar to a window screen to allow solar heating while adding color to the swimming pool.

Storage: Because the solar thermal genesis and insulation properties of Solar Sun Rings is so great, when they are removed from the pool, they must be stored out of direct sunlight to prevent overheating.

WARRANTY: Solar Sun Rings are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for two years. Warranty is limited to materials and workmanship. Solar Sun Rings will not warranty products for damage or suitability.

  • HEATING: Once the Solar Sun Rings are inflated, cover up to 60% to 70% of the surface of your pool with Solar Sun Rings by placing the blue colored side on the water. You should not cover more than 70% of the surface on deep pools and not more than 80% on shallow pools. For the best solar effect, keep the upper surface of the Solar Sun Rings clean and clear.
  • COOLING: Turn the Solar Sun Rings over so the blue side is up. The Solar Sun Rings do not heat water efficiently when upside down.
  • WATER AND CHEMICAL SAVING: Neither water nor chemicals can evaporate through the two layers of heavyweight vinyl. You will save on water and chemicals about equal to the actual percentage of water covered.
  • CARE: Once inflated proper care of this product will greatly extend its useful life. Pool decking is designed to be abrasive to prevent slips and falls. Do not walk on Solar Sun Rings or drag Solar Sun Rings on this abrasive surface. When Solar Sun Rings are not on the pool water do not stack them in direct sunlight, excessive internal temperatures will develop and melt the vinyl films. Solar Sun Rings are passive pool heating devices and should not be used as pool toys.
  • Suggested Number of Rings for Your Pool:
    15' Round - 5 Rings
    18' Round - 7 Rings
    21' Round - 9 Rings
    24' Round - 12 Rings
    27' Round - 15 Rings
    30' Round - 18 Rings
    33' Round - 22 Rings
    12'x24' Oval - 6 Rings
    15'x30' Oval - 9 Rings
    16'x32' Oval - 10 Rings
    18'x33' Oval - 12 Rings
    18'x40' Oval - 13 Rings
    21'x41' Oval - 17 Rings
    12'x24' Rect. - 5 Rings
    14'x28' Rect. - 8 Rings
    16'x32' Rect. - 10 Rings
    16'x36' Rect. - 12 Rings
    18'x36' Rect. - 13 Rings
    20'x40' Rect. - 16 Rings
    25'x45' Rect. - 23 Rings
    30'x50' Rect. - 30 Rings