Smartpool Pooleye Abg & Ing Pool Alarm

Smartpool Pooleye Abg & Ing Pool Alarm

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Product Description

PoolEye™ alarms are equipped with the most advanced pool alarm technology available – subsurface wave detection. The PoolEye™ PE23 is an Advanced immersion alarm that reads surface and subsurface waves to protect against unauthorized pool entry. It uses a sophisticated program to analyze the disturbance, and alarms in appropriate circumstances, remaining silent in avoiding false alarms.

PoolEye™ alerts you to any accidental falls into the pool and unwanted pool intrusion while eliminating false alarms from wind, rain, falling leaves, etc. It detects objects weighing 15 lbs or more entering the pool, and all models feature adjustable sensitivity.

  • Certified to ASTM F2208
  • Can be used for both Aboveground and Inground Pools up to 20’ x 40’
  • Additional Alarm may be used for Larger Pools
  • 1 Remote can be used with Multiple Alarms
  • Battery Powered
  • Magnetic Key for Activating/Resetting
  • Automatically resets Within 3 min. of leaving the Pool
  • In-home remote Siren sounds to 85 decibles
  • 1 Year Warranty