Pool Rover Hybrid ABG Cleaner

Pool Rover Hybrid ABG Cleaner

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Product Description

Enjoy the ease of use, health benefits and total pool maintenance cost savings with the American made Aquabot Pool Rover HYBRID robotic mobile filtration pool cleaner. Unlike all traditional pool cleaners, “Pool Rover HYBRID” works without hoses, connections to your pool’s filtration system, costly-to-operate booster pumps or even you. Simply plug Pool Rover HYBRID in and its ultra-safe and incredibly efficient 24v with 1 Amp draw operation will provide you with as much and possibly even greater filtration and circulation capability than your pool’s main filtration system. In fact, for every hour you operate your Pool Rover HYBRID you may run your pool’s filtration system 1 hour less – saving you a fortune in energy, long-term pool pump maintenance and filter media replacement.

Pool Rover HYBRID’s patented SimplyReliable™ single onboard pump motor design frees you from the hassle and cost of wear and tear parts that haunt owners of other pool cleaner types. Pool Rover HYBRID works without hoses, gears, pads, flaps, diaphragms, belts, tracks, bushings, bearings or even drive motors. This is quite literally the most reliable engineering design ever produced for a swimming pool cleaner. Essentially it is a commercial grade vacuum / sump pump and reusable filter on wheels. It truly is simply reliable.

Let Pool Rover HYBRID go to work for you to clean your in ground or aboveground pool floor automatically as it circulates and filters your pool water for the healthiest and safest swimming water for you, your family and friends. Enjoy true quality of life as Pool Rover HYBRID cuts your total pool maintenance expenses, such as water, energy and chemicals, by as much as 50% - allowing Pool Rover HYBRID to pay for itself in as little as 1 season or less. Instead of worrying about pool maintenance, cleaning out the pool’s filter or wrestling with hoses, Pool Rover HYBRID will allow you to do what you deserve – which is to relax and enjoy life with friends and family with your newfound free time and the pleasure of complete pool cleaning at the touch of a button.

  • Pool Rover HYBRID is the lightest in ground robotic cleaner on the market today.
  • Just lower Pool Rover HYBRID in, plug it in and push a button. That’s it - it’s that easy!
  • Pool Rover HYBRID is hydraulically “jet-propelled” by its own internal pump motor – it does not connect to your pool’s pump / filtration system nor does it need a booster pump.
  • Pool Rover HYBRID’s patented directional guidance locking pin enables it to systematically cleans the floor and slopes of any aboveground or in ground pool, regardless of its configuration or surface type in as little as 1 hour.
  • Pool Rover HYRBIRD onboard pump and internal reusable filtration system provides true vacuuming, filtering and circulation without the need for messy, unattractive hoses or the expense of operating off of your pool’s filtration system or worse – the added expense of costly-to-run booster pumps.
  • Pool Rover HYBRID removes everything from large leaves to spiked burrs pine needles to silt to algae as fine as 2 microns in size (which is as much as 10 times smaller than what main pool filter systems can remove) with its easy to clean, reusable 34-quart maximum capacity microfiltration bag.
  • Pool Rover HYBRID pays for itself in as little as 1 season or less by reducing total maintenance bills (chemical, water and energy) by as much as 50% and continues to pay you back!
  • Pool Rover HYBRID has a proven long life and is virtually maintenance free, with its revolutionary SimplyReliable™ engineering design that has dominated the market since its launch in 2000.  Only Pool Rover HYBRID works without any of all of the wear and tear components found on all other cleaner types, including hoses, gears, pads, flaps, diaphragms, belts, tracks, bushings, bearings or even complex drive motors.
  • Pool Rover HYBRID’s extra-wide non-marring and non-direct drive (no gears or timing belts) wheels allow it to simply and easily roll over vinyl-liner ripples and foot prints, on the floors of hard-surfaces like pebble finishes and gently along fiberglass gel-coat finishes.
  • Individually handcrafted in the U.S.A. to ensure absolute quality and the immediate availability of parts and supported by the industry’s largest national network of robotic service centers and an in-house customer support team.
  • 2 Years Prorated Warranty