Pentair Whisperflo Pumps

Pentair Whisperflo Pumps

We call it WhisperFlo® High Performance Pump for good reason. This innovative hydraulic design moves water more efficiently and more quietly than competitive pumps. Under typical operating conditions, WhisperFlo® High Performance Pump offers the highest water flow of any high performance single- or two-speed pump–yet with the lowest electrical consumption. Built to last a lifetime, and as a result, the industry's top seller for years.

Oversized strainer basket and volute - industry standard in pool pumps
Standard and Energy-efficient Square Flange Motors available
Lower HP's deliver higher performance than industry standard
Compatible with all cleaning systems, various filters and jet action spas
Heavy-duty/durable construction is designed for long life
Designed for residential and commercial applications
New motor increases life, energy, efficiency, ease of installation and better cooling for long service life
Item No.Dia No.Item NamePriceQty 
PF011511N / AWhisperFlo UP-Rated 1/2-HP PumpPrice:$815.60
Sale Price $539.99
PF011578N / AWhisperFlo Full-Rated 1/2-HP PumpPrice:$799.90
Sale Price $519.99
PF011512N / AWhisperFlo Full-Rated 3/4-HP PumpPrice:$878.96
Sale Price $579.99
PF011513N / AWhisperFlo Full-Rated 1-HP PumpPrice:$949.86
Sale Price $625.99
PF011517N / AWhisperFlo UP-Rated 1-HP PumpPrice:$878.96
Sale Price $594.99
PF011514N / AWhisperFlo Full-Rated 1.5-HP PumpPrice:$1,043.34
Sale Price $689.99
PF011518N / AWhisperFlo UP-Rated 1.5-HP PumpPrice:$949.86
Sale Price $639.99
PF011515N / AWhisperFlo Full-Rated 2-HP PumpPrice:$1,226.86
Sale Price $809.99
PF011519N / AWhisperFlo UP-Rated 2-HP PumpPrice:$1,043.34
Sale Price $705.99
PF011516N / AWhisperFlo Full-Rated 3-HP PumpPrice:$1,500.72
Sale Price $991.99
PF011520N / AWhisperFlo UP-Rated 2.5-HP PumpPrice:$1,226.86
Sale Price $829.99
PF011522N / AWhisperFlo UP-Rated 2 Speed 1.5-HP PumpPrice:$1,249.89
Sale Price $845.99
PF011523N / AWhisperFlo Full-Rated 2 Speed 2-HP PumpPrice:$1,492.10
Sale Price $985.99
PF011524N / AWhisperFlo UP-Rated 2 Speed 2-HP PumpPrice:$1,249.86
Sale Price $845.99

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Item No.Dia No.Item NamePriceQty 
3571501Clamp, Cam & Ramp™, plastic, black, WF 7Price:$36.13
Sale Price $29.75
357199-31Clamp, Cam & Ramp, plastic, almond, WF 8Price:$36.13
Sale Price $29.75