LTM Tub Rub Scrubber Pad

LTM Tub Rub Scrubber Pad

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Product Description

This reusable pad safely and quickly wipes away grime from tile, vinyl, fiberglass and other spa surfaces. Use with or without liquid cleaning solutions. Use as an applicator for surface maintenance products.


As Needed:

Pour 6-8 ounces of a liquid cleaning solution in a small container. Place Tub Rub in the solution and allow full saturation (note cautions below). Apply to area to be cleaned - wipe, rinse and dry. After use, THOROUGHLY rinse Tub Rub with warm water and allow it to dry. DO NOT reuse with any chemical other than the original cleaning solution. Store used pad in a plastic bag.


Do not use on delicate surfaces; contains mild abrasive. Test in a discrete area before reuse.

Compatible With:

Spas and hot tubs (acrylic and ceramic tile), pools (tile, vinyl, fiberglass, accessories and more), tile (bath, kitchen and pool side), chrome and stainless, counter tops, boats, walls


  • Cleaner and applicator pad
  • Designed for fast, safe and effective cleaning
  • Does not affect spa, hot tub or pool water chemistry