Jandy FloPro Pump - 2 HP/2SPD

Jandy FloPro Pump - 2 HP/2SPD

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Product Description

Jandy’s FloPro Pump, available in single and high-efficiency two-speed models is the easy to install, energy-efficient drop-in pump that filters and recirculates the water in your pool and spa. The innovative adjustable base allows the FloPro to be a quick and easy direct replacement solution for Hayward® Super Pump®, Pentair® WhisperFlo® and SuperFlo® pumps. The ultra-compact FloPro is equipped with an ergonomic Cam-Lock Lid with easy-alignment indicators, and comes complete with 2” unions. The Jandy FloPro Pump is the perfect choice when a cost saving solution in a small equipment area is required.

Jandy’s FloPro Pump provides easy drop-in installation for worry free replacement of existing pumps. Quality performance, maximum efficiency and dependability, with guaranteed results for all your pool and spa combination needs, all in an ultra-compact body.

  • EASY TO INSTALL - The Jandy pump series allows for “inline” connectivity. Get rid of unsightly pipes and plumbing. Jandy FloPro Pump Series makes it easy to replace many existing pumps including Hayward® Super Pump® or Pentair® WhisperFlo® and SuperFlo® pump.
  • EASE-OF-USE - Easy to use. Innovative drop-in pump equipped with Ergonomic Cam-Lock lid for easy alignment, handle pump brackets and 2” pump unions.
  • ENERGY and COST EFFICIENT - Energy-efficient pump providing uncompromising power to filter and recirculate pool and spa water while keeping costs down.
  • Medium-head, high-flow pump in an ultra compact body. Excellent choice for small equipment areas.
  • Adjustable base allows for easy direct replacement of Hayward® Super Pump® or Pentair® WhisperFlo® and SuperFlo® pump.
  • Ergonomic Cam-Lock lid with easy alignment indicators.
  • Equipped with 2” unions.