Hayward Color Logic LED Spa Light

Hayward Color Logic LED Spa Light

Forget about lighting as you know it. ColorLogic’s patented Chromacore® technology combined with a micro-processor and the most advanced LED's in the industry to deliver high intensity and an un matched selection of colors. ColorLogic is the most energy efficient colored lighting technology available in the industry.

Sychronicity of multiple lights is a breeze as the microprocessor is identical in all ColorLogic pool and spa lights.

Hayward leads the industry in offering the latest in LED lighting technology providing the widest spectrum of color choices, plus unmatched performance through these features:

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Item No.Dia No.Item NamePriceQty 
SP0532SLED100N / ACOLORLOGIC 12V SPA 100 FT SSPrice:$798.64
Sale Price $598.98
SP0532SLED50N / ACOLORLOGIC 12V SPA 50 FT SSPrice:$754.91
Sale Price $566.19
SP0533LED100N / ACOLORLOGIC 120V SPA 100 FTPrice:$826.15
Sale Price $619.62
SP0533LED30N / ACOLORLOGIC 120V SPA 30 FTPrice:$736.66
Sale Price $552.50
SP0533SLED150N / ACOLORLOGIC 120V SPA 150 FT SSPrice:$926.30
Sale Price $694.73
SP0535SLED30N / ALIGHT-LED COLOR, SPA SS 30FT 120VPrice:$750.44
Sale Price $562.83
SP0533SLED50N / ACOLORLOGIC 120V SPA 50 FT SSPrice:$775.94
Sale Price $581.96