Hayward Aqua Solar Control Systems

Hayward Aqua Solar Control Systems

With a Solar Combo, you can start your swimming season earlier, enjoy it longer, and help reduce fossil fuel consumption and limit greenhouse emissions. The Solar Combos are bundled systems consisting of a controller, an actuator, a diverter valve and two temperature sensors. They maximize solar heat collection by monitoring the temperature of both your solar collectors and your pool. When your pool needs heating – and your solar collectors are in energy-receiving mode – the controller automatically diverts the water flowing between your pool's filter and gas heater and routes it through your solar collectors. There, the water is heated to a pre-set temperature, or until no more solar energy is available, at which time the gas or electric heater kicks in, using only as much fuel as necessary to make up the difference.

A Solar Combo can cool your pool, too. If the temperature in the collectors is at least 8° cooler than your pool water, and your pool is above its desired temperature level, you can program the system to automatically open the diverter valve to take advantage of the solar collector's heat dissipation capability. This continues until either the collector temperature rises to within 3° of the pool temperature or the desired pool temperature is reached.

Three controller models offer a range of functionality:

Aqua Solar®
Total solar control system with dual digital display of pool water and solar collector temperatures plus full system diagnostic LEDs.
Aqua Solar® TC
Aqua Solar Time Clock model provides all the capabilities of the Aqua Solar plus an integral time clock for 24-hour control of the pool's main pump and filtration system.
America's best-selling solar control is designed for easy and dependable operation. Its microprocessor-based technology ensures reliable and accurate performance. Advanced features include differential temperature control, selectable high limit, programmable recirculation freeze protection, nocturnal cooling, and optional booster pump control.

Item No.Dia No.Item NamePriceQty 
GL-235N / AHayward Aqua Solar - Solar Pool ControlPrice:$389.37
Sale Price $246.45
AQ-SOL-LVN / AHayward Aqua Solar with LV OutputPrice:$465.94
Sale Price $286.66
AQ-SOL-LV-TCN / AHayward Aqua Solar with LV/HV OutputPrice:$534.15
Sale Price $358.90
AQ-SOL-SPN / AHayward Aqua Solar with LV/HV Output & Solar PriorityPrice:$791.65
Sale Price $526.31