Pentair FNS Plus DE Filters

Pentair FNS Plus DE Filters

FNS® Plus Filters are fiberglass reinforced polypropylene of advanced chemical resistant materials for superior strength and reliability. The top manifold design features the Service-Ease grid pack for convenient one-at-a-time grid servicing.

Filtering with diatomaceous earth (D.E.) gives you water that really sparkles. That’s because D.E. filters remove the tiniest of contaminants…particles as small as 5 microns. (An average grain of sand is 1000 microns!) Even though these particles can’t be seen individually, collectively they greatly affect water clarity.

Here’s why diatomaceous earth filters work so well. Water passes through a series of D.E. coated grids. Under a microscope, D.E. looks like a collection of tiny sponges. And just like a sponge, water can pass through, but microscopic impurities like dirt, algae, and some forms of bacteria can’t.

FNS® Plus D.E. Filters have been designed with curved grids to maximize filtration area. More filter area means better performance and longer periods between cleanings. Our exclusive internal design has been refined to minimize fl ow restrictions, and therefore requires minimal pumping power to achieve a needed fl ow rate. That means lower utility costs.

In addition to providing the clearest possible water, FNS Plus was also designed for easy maintenance and long-term reliability. So you can count on it to keep your pool’s water clean and crystal clear for years to come.

Superior strength
Service-Ease™ grid pack
Continuous High Flow™ internal air relief*
100% factory tested
Top-to-bottom backwash
High Flow manual air relief valve
Tension Control™ clamp
Black valves and plumbing
1-1/2in. bottom clean out port
7-1/2in. centerline bulkhead fittings
Curved vertical grids provide maximum filter surface area for greater dirt-trapping capacity and longer periods between cleanings.
Unique internal design ensures optimum filtration and backwashing efficiency.
Chemical resistant, fiberglass reinforced polypropylene tank for exceptional strength and long life.
Easily removable filter grid pack to simplify maintenance and save you time.
Attractive almond-colored tank blends into any backyard environment.
High FlowTM manual air relief valve and continuous internal air relief work together to maintain efficient filtration and prevent over-pressurization.
Easily accessible 2" drain for efficient cleanout.
One-year limited warranty. See warranty for details.
Item No.Dia No.Item NamePriceQty 
FNSPL24N / AFNS Plus 24 Sq Ft DE FilterPrice:$964.57
Sale Price $619.99
FNSPL36N / AFNS Plus 36 Sq Ft DE FilterPrice:$1,060.04
Sale Price $679.99
FNSPL48N / AFNS Plus 48 Sq Ft DE FilterPrice:$1,192.61
Sale Price $759.99
FNSPL60N / AFNS Plus 60 Sq Ft DE FilterPrice:$1,316.56
Sale Price $839.99
PF261177N / A1 1/2" D.E. Side Mount Multiport ValvePrice:$179.58
Sale Price $114.99
PF261152N / A2" D.E. Side Mount Multiport ValvePrice:$269.36
Sale Price $165.99
PF263064N / A2" PVC Push Pull Side ValvePrice:$136.36
Sale Price $82.99

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Item No.Dia No.Item NamePriceQty 
190058-41Pressure gaugePrice:$29.58
Sale Price $24.36
98209800-42Hi Flow manual air relief valvePrice:$22.58
Sale Price $18.59

Product Specifications

Product Model Effective Filtration Area (Sq Ft) Flow Rate (GPM) 8 Hour 10 Hour 12 hour D.E. Required (Lbs) Carton Wt (Lbs)
180006 FNSP24 24 48 23,040 28,800 34,560 2.4 60
180007 FNSP36 36 72 34,560 43,200 51,840 3.6 70
180008 FNSP48 48 96 46,080 57,600 69,120 4.8 80
180009 FNSP60 60 120 57,600 72,000 86,400 6 90
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1 Manual