Dolphin Dynamic Pro X Battery - Commercial Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Dynamic Pro X Battery - Commercial Pool Cleaner

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Product Description

Recommended for commercial pools up to 15m. (49ft.) And pair of two units for pools up to 25m. (84ft.) in length.

Ideal for pools with obstructions, islands or large obstacles. Cleans pool floor, walls and waterline.

Public pool cleaning technology just got smarter and cordless with the introduction of the battery version of Dynamic Pro X battery. Dolphin Dynamic Pro X Batter is the only robot capable of manoeuvring around corners, bridges and islands found in so many hotel pools, semi-public pools and water parks. Cordless Dynamic Pro X Battery's class-leading performance is supported by reinforced componetnts, a ruggedized frame, self-learning software, dual motor manoeuvrability, a remote control and a clever indicator for alerting an clogged up filter bag. Being cordless, Dolphin Dynamic Pro X Battery is capable of cleaning any-shaped pool, managing challenging curves and corners without getting tabgled up in the process. Being an extra robust robot, Dolphin Dynamic Pro X Battery manages the tough tasks smartly, providing an unrivalled cleaning systems that will scrub, brush, vacuum and filter the entire pool, including walls and waterline. Dolphin Dynamic Pro X Battery has also been built to remove all pool debris, ensuring exceptional water quality, clarity and hygiene.

Dolphin Dynamic Pro X Battery Advantages:

  • Patented cordless rechargeable pool cleaning robot.
  • Intelligent illuminated float interface for easy location and control.
  • Extra robust robot designed for frequently used commercial pools.
  • Scrubs, brushes, vacuums and filters the entire pool - floor, walls and waterline.
  • Advanced software enables efficient pool cleaning.
  • Large self contained ultra fine Micronics filter bag collects dirt, debris and even fine dust particles.
  • Wireless remote control for manual and automatic cleaning, Wide range of cleaning programs and parameters: Cycle time, Climbing frequency, Pool length, Regular or Ultraclean, Lap pool, Waterline.
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning process- disperses chemicals evenly in the pool, and therefore reduces the use of chlorine and other chemicals.
  • Dual motor flexible maneuverability for precise performance.
  • Clogged filter bag indicator ensures ongoing cleaning efficiency.
  • Equipped with Caddy for handling and storage.
  • 24 months warranty on the robot.
  • 12 months on the battery.