Dolphin Dynamic Plus Battery - Residential Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Dynamic Plus Battery - Residential Pool Cleaner

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Product Description

Recommended for pools up to 12m. (40ft.) in length. Ideal for pools with obstructions, islands or large obstacles. Cleans pool floor, walls and water line.

Imagine no more cord and hose nuisance. Imagine no more cleaning obstables. Dolphin Plus Battery is the cordless pool cleaning robot with patented rechargeable battery power and an intelligent float interface. Dolphin Plus Battery provides you with a sparkling clean pool without tangled cables and irritating hoses, leaving you free to fully enjoy your pool time. Ready to go after a short self-recharging session, the Dolphin Plus Battery sets new standards in performance and ease-of-use. Dolphin Plus Battery is also renowned for its cleaning virtues. Throughout a short 90-min. cycle, it automatically scrubs, vacuums, filters and sweeps your pool free of sand, leaves and other harmful dirt, helping your pool chemicals work more efficiently. Dolphin Plus Battery provides the freedom of cordless cleaning, with all the features of hte market leader.

Dolphin Plus Batter Advantages:

  • Intelligent illuminated float interface for easy location and control.
  • Patented cordless rechargeable pool cleaning robot.
  • State-of-the-art advanced scanning programme optimizing pool coverage.
  • Wireless remote control offers a choice of automatic or manual (Joystick) command.
  • The remote control provides a selection of multiple cleaning programs and parameters: Cycle time, Pool length, Climbing frequency, Ultraclean, Lap pool and Waterline.
  • Ultra fine filter bag collects dirt, debris and even fine dust particles.
  • Dual motor flexible maneuverability for precise performance.
  • Patented clogged filter bag indicator ensures ongoing cleaning efficiency.
  • Equipped with Caddy for handling and storage.
  • 36 months warranty on the robot.
  • 12 months warranty on the battery.