Aquamax Magnum Cleaner

Aquamax Magnum Cleaner

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Product Description

Recommended for pools: up to 80 ft. in length.

Magnum is designed to clean every square inch of your pool utilizing our patented Aqua Smart System™.

This cleaner is perfect for swimming facilities housing pools up to 60' in length like those found at many hotels and motels, schools and universities, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and fitness clubs. This machine contains such features as infra-red eyes which sense objects like walls or stairs and commands the vacuum to reverse direction. It also contains an air-sensor for beach entry pools and a remote control for quick spot cleaning before that important swim meet! Other standard options include a 3.5 hr or 5 hr timed cleaning cycle and a delay mode. The delay mood will actually delay the start for 2 hrs giving all floating debris a chance to settle before the machine starts cleaning your pool.