ABI 2lb Removit Stain Remover

ABI 2lb Removit Stain Remover

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Product Description

No Testing Required! Tough metal stains are often resistant to all-purpose cleaners. For deep-seated stains caused by iron, copper, cobalt and manganese use Removit.



1. Place 1 lb. of REMOVIT in a bucket and add 2 gallons of water for up to 10,000 gallons of water to be treated. (For pools with plaster construction, dilute with 4 gallons of water and brush pool walls).

2. Mix thoroughly and pour contents into pool over stained area. For long lasting protection against stains, scale and rust, follow REMOVIT with RESIST.

3. Repeat application every 8 weeks for maximum protection and prevention.


2 lbs.


Use to remove tough stains without affecting pH or sanitizer levels.

Compatible With:

Chlorine, bromine, biguanide and salt water sanitizing systems.


  • Quickly removes existing stains from iron, copper, cobalt, and manganese
  • Can be used above or below waterline.
  • No testing is required.